Featured Guest or Spokesperson:
• Back to the Grind
TVLand, original show - Episode: Betty White

• New Year’s Eve Celebrity-Style Party on a Budget
Primary talent: Denise Vivaldo
Satellite Media Tour, 15 cities across the country, Dec. 26, 2006
Sponsors: San Pellegrino, Kaluha, and PlayStation II

• Unwrapped
Food Network – Episode: Greetings from L.A.
Denise at a food styling workshop in Hollywood

• ABC Morning News
ABC – Denise with Food Coach Lori Corbin
interview at a photo shoot for
Juan Carlos Cruz’s new cookbook

• Your LA
NBC - News and entertainment show

• Good Day LA
Fox 11 - News and entertainment show

• Super Drama Channel
Japanese TV - News and entertainment show

Food Stylist, Culinary Producer:
• Sweet Nothings, Hall of Fame
TV Movie Hallmark - Frank Irving, Prop Master

• Related, pilot and 18 shows
WB Productions – Frank Irving, Prop Master

• Healthy Baking, 26 shows
Echo Entertainment – Chad Kline, Executive Producer

• Ann Gentry’s Vegetarian Cooking, 13 shows
Echo Entertainment – Chad Kline, Executive Producer

• Cooking at the Academy II, 26 shows
PBS/ KQED Productions - Linda Brandt, Producer

• Yvonne's COOKBOOK, 65 shows
The Learning Channel - Richard Reed Productions, Linda Brandt, Producer

• Next Door with Katie Brown, 58 shows
Lifetime Television, Triage Entertainment - Stacy Rykono, Executive Producer, Kevin Cronin, Producer

• Living Better with Carrie Wiatt, 26 shows
NBC, Hearst-Argyle Television - Sue Sprecker, Director

• Food for Thought with Cheryl Sindell, 26 segments
Health Network, Body by Jake Productions - Jeanna Smith, Producer

• Fitting It In with Nancy Fox, 13 shows
FIT TV, Body by Jake Productions - Jeanna Smith, Producer

• Weir Cooking in the Wine Country with Joanne Weir, 26 shows
PBS, Weir Cooking Productions - Linda Brandt, Executive Producer

• Celebrity Dish, TV Guide Channel, 40 two-minute cooking segments
Media Savvy Productions featuring Doris Roberts, Hal Sparks, Al Martinez, and Ron Lester

• Method and Red, 15 shows
Regency / FOX Television - Method Man, Executive Producer

• NapaStyle II, 26 Shows
Fine Living, Triage Entertainment- Mel Shafir, Director

Single Segments or Satellite Tours with cooking talent:
• Nestle Toll House Cookies, SMT
with Lori Loughin, Westglen Communications  

• Sam's Club
with Wolfgang Puck, AKA Media
• Jenny O Turkey and Lindsey Olives
Two Dudes, One Pan, Auritt Communications Group  

• Napa Valley Holidays, SMT
Joan Auritt, Auritt Communications Group
• The Richard Simmons Steamer, SMT
Samantha Drieman, Director of Marketing, Salton  

• Claude Mann, SMT
Gabianno Winery
• Lean Cuisine, SMT
HD Television Studios  

• The Emmy winning The Donny and Marie Show
Fox Television, Woodbridge / Dick Clark Productions - Mashawn Niz, Producer,
featuring Richard Simmons, Suzanne Somers, Bobby Flay, Curtis Aikens, Lauren Hutton,
Pamela Anderson, Dom Deluise, Florence Henderson, and Sheila Lukins
• Mike and Maty
ABC Television, ValleyCrest Productions - Bob Levitan, Producer
featuring Anne Willan, Dianne Worthington, Robin Leach, Jenny Craig,
Susan Powter, and Laurie Burrows Grad

• Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus
Avoca Productions, Sony Pictures Television - Mashawn Nix, Producer
featuring Christina Ferrare and Carrie Wiatt

• The Emmy winning The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Big Dog Productions, NBC - Tracy Fife, Producer
featuring Jay Leno, Richard Simmons, Naomi Judd, and Nigella Lawson

• The Emmy winning The Ellen Degeneres Show
A Very Good Production and WAD Productions, Inc. in association with Telepictures Productions,
NBC - Bradford Brillowski, Producer
featuring Eric Ripert, Hazel Smith, Loretta Lynn, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Paul Rankin

• Inside Dish with Rachel Ray
Crisman Films Productions, TV Food Network - Ted Allen, Producer
featuring Daisy Fuentes, Dennis Franz, Raven Symone, and Ming Na  

Infomercials + Commercials
Denise Vivaldo has worked on over 40 informercials, among them:

• Nutrisystem, Carol Ladd, Cine Rent West Studios
• The Perfect Steak System, Claire Lewis, Best Direct UK
• Medifast, Genie Francis, Kristie Swanson
• Napa Valley Holidays, Auritt Communications Group
• Food Love, C2 Squared Productions
• Norms Restaurant, Delores Pompa
• Daphne's Restaurant, Julie Bandy
• Marie's Salad Dressing, Ladimar Productions
• Magic Bullet with Mick Hastie, C2 Squared Productions
• Bistro Express, Quantum International
• Do It All, National Media
• The Perfect Omelette, Take Two Productions
• Dion Sanders’ Hot Dog Express, Scarpaci/Kelly Productions
• Yoga Now with Mariel Hemmingway, Scarpaci/Kelly Productions
• T-fal’s Expressware with Florence Henderson, Quantum International
• Baporama, George Silva Productions
• RoboChef with John Parkin, Bill Flor Productions
• Chef Tony’s Volcano, Sylmark, Inc.
• Red Devil Grill, Quantum International

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